Gnosis Presents
Reality Check
Premiered June 3rd-6th, 1999,
Seven Stages Theater, Atlanta, GA

Reality? Do we perceive it with our senses? Do we experience it in our dreams? Does the media depict it for us? Using movement, music and media, the avant-garde performance company Gnosis asks these very questions in Reality Check.

Composer/multi-media artist Allen Welty-Green and choreographer/ performer L.E. Udaykee, under the name Gnosis (a Greek word for knowledge), have created a series of vignettes that probe the limits of perception and reality. Surrealistic costumes and high-energy dance combine with high-tech projections and atmospheric music - performed live by Welty-Green’s band Z-Axis - to take the audience on a theatrical journey of discovery.

Welty-Green, composer, director and media artist for Reality Check, was the director of the Mind’s Eye Performance Group from Nashville, TN in the late 80’s/early 90’s, with whom he toured extensively across the Eastern USA. Since moving to Atlanta in 1992, he has collaborated with a number of dance and theater companies, including Seven Stages, Beacon Dance, Gateway Performance Productions, Cherie Carson, and the Teatr Nowy in Poznan, Poland. Reality Check is the culmination of many ideas he has developed throughout his artistic career, coalesced into a single unifying entity.       L.E. Udaykee, choreographer and performer, is a veteran of the downtown NY performance scene in the late 70s. She came to Atlanta via Athens after creating a significant body of work in NY, Georgia and Europe. Upon arriving in Atlanta in 1992, she teamed up with frequent collaborator Welty-Green to form Gnosis. Together they have created a number of works, including the movement-opera Amy Love, and have performed together in a number of cities.

Reality Check is performed by Udaykee and Berkerly Davenport, formerly of International Ballet Rotaru. The music is performed by Z-Axis - Welty-Green on keyboards, Phillip Hart on percussion, Jeff Tyson on bass and Mark Baker on guitar. To hear excerpts from the soundtrack CD, click here. Additional choreography was created by Jason Litchford and John Lancaster. Costumes were designed by Welty-Green, Udaykee, Jason Litchford and John Lancaster.

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