Car Leasing: The Art of the Deal

A Car Leasing Guide for Smart Consumers

Leasing has become a popular method of financing new cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans in the United States, yet it is not well understood by most automotive consumers. As a result, people who are currently leasing a new car are paying too much, and those not leasing are afraid because they don't understand it. shows you how to lease cars with confidence, how to determine lease vs buy, how to get great auto lease deals, how to calculate monthly lease payments, and how to understand lease forms and agreements. It also tells you how to handle the end of a lease, explaining all your options in detail, with examples.

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Car Lease Guide - Essential new car leasing information, resources, and advice for the following types of leases: BMW lease, Toyota lease, Jaguar lease, VW lease, Ford lease, Chevrolet lease, Lexus lease, Audi lease, Acura lease, Mercedes lease, Nissan lease, Porsche lease, Pontiac lease, Buick lease, Volvo lease, Honda lease, Cadillac lease, Mazda lease, Isuzu lease, Land Rover lease, Mercury lease, GMC lease, Mitsubishi lease, Dodge lease, Chrysler lease, Jeep lease, Kia lease, Hyundai lease, Hummer lease, and Lincoln lease. Expert advice about luxury car lease, lease swapping, lease assumption, lease trading, breaking a lease, new car lease, used car lease, hybrid car lease, SUV lease, cheap car lease, are also included. Lease Guide articles help automotive consumers decide if leasing is right for them, understand how leasing works, learn how lease payments are calculated using the standard lease payment formula that dealers and lease companies use. Learn the language of leasing and how lease agreements work. Learn how to review lease contracts and lease agreements. Use our popular Lease vs Buy calculator to compare leases. Understand lease money factor, residuals, residual value, MSRP, and lease term. Compare new car leasing to used car leasing. Where to find the best lease deals. Negotiate car prices and lease terms.

Top Articles - Learn about auto insurance and how insurance is important when leasing. How to select the right auto insurance company. How to lease used cars and find used cars at government auctions. Learn how dealer financing works and about independent lease companies. Learn about hybrid cars and how to get federal tax credits for hybrid vehicles. Learn about lease residual values and how to find them. Discover how car dealers use tricks when leasing to uninformed consumers. Learn how to make extra money to help pay for a car. Find out which cars are best for teenagers - teens. Learn how to find free cars or how to get paid to drive your own car. Damaged cars, salvage cars, and flood cars can be sources of trouble or opportunity. Learn how to research new car leases or purchases. Discover how car dealers price cars and how pricing works. Extended warranties are sometimes needed when leasing. How to find cheap cars and make extra money for a new car. Learn how credit reports and FICO credit scores affect your car leasing or buying, and your car insurance. Discover the benefits and potential problems of a lease buyout — early buyout or lease-end buyout. Learn the benefits of used car leasing - lease a used car for less money.

Glossary - Find the meanings of terms that are important to auto consumers. Lease acquisition fee, bank fee, disposition fee, best car lease, break car lease, buy or lease, lease or buy, calculate payments, capitalized cost, and capitalized cost reduction. Learn the meaning of car lease deal, car lease option, car lease refinance, car lease takeover, car lease swap, break car lease, end car lease, lease termination, lease trade, car lease prices, car lease problems, car lease quote, car price quote, dealer tricks, commercial lease, down payment, due at signing, gap coverage, gap insurance, upside down lease. Learn how to lease, lease luxury car, luxury car leasing, get out of lease, hybrid car leasing, lease payment, lease penalty, lease term, lease contract, lease trade, lease return, lease compare, lemon law, money factor, lease interest rate, no money down, off lease cars, payment calculators, and pre-paid lease. Learn about one-payment lease, sell leased car, return leased car, short term lease, trade-in value, lease trade-in, truck lease, SUV lease, car loan, wear and tear, new car leasing, lease a luxury car, and lease compare.

Frequently Asked Questions - Common questions, and answers, about car leasing — getting out of a lease, lease mileage, best cars to lease, what's my lease interest rate, how do I do a lease return, is my credit score important when leasing, how does credit score affect what I pay, where can I get money factor, how can I get residual values, are leases negotiable, lemon laws, and short-term lease. It also answers questions about gap insurance, cancel lease contract, 3-day return policy, lease finance charges, lease termination charges, lease mileage charges, lease wear-and-tear charges, lease companies, lease used car, break lease, get out of lease, trade lease, lease inception fees, due at signing fees, driveout fees, business leasing, best time to lease a car, residual values, and sales taxes on leases. It contains questions and answers about accident in leased car, insurance on leased car, end lease early, swap a lease, trade a lease, trade-in prices, lease vs buy, calculate lease payment, read lease contract, hybrid car tax credits, car auctions, government auctions, seized car auctions, free cars with wrap advertising, tax benefits of leasing, co-sign lease, short lease, lease formula. Convert lease money factor to interest rate.

Lease Calculator - Calculate car lease payments, including total costs, lease fees, and lease taxes. Compare car leases and calculate lease versus buy situations. Lease vs buy - buy vs lease is a common question for anyone considering car leasing. Our Lease Mileage calculator helps track lease miles and helps avoid lease-end mileage penalties. The Lease Calculator requires that you enter MSRP, money factor, residual value, lease term, cap cost reduction (down payment), and other leasing costs to calculate your monthly lease payment and total lease costs. Lease taxes are included. Our Lease Payment calculator is the most popular feature of our Lease Guide.

Lease vs. Buy Calculator - Compare the cost of leasing versus the cost of buying, including monthly payments, finance charges, taxes, fees, and total costs. This is similar to the Lease Calculator described above but includes a built-in auto loan calculator as well. The results of the lease or buy analysis are presented side-by-side for easy comparison.

Lease Mileage Calculator - If you're already in a lease and have concerns that you may exceed your mileage allowance, you may find this calculator helpful in determining your potential lease-end excess miles fee.

Lease Kit - Our optional Lease Kit contains features that help with real-life lease deals. Included are lease deal evaluation calculator, lease payment tables, sample lease contract, lease worksheets, lease affordability calculator, residual value calculator, vehicle lease ratings (shows luxury cars are excellent lease vehicles), and dealer profit charts. The Lease Kit is has been used by thousands of lease consumers to save money and avoid lease problems. Understand which cars make the best lease deals, how to understand lease contracts, how to calculate lease payments, how to evaluate actual lease contract figures, and which vehicles have the best residual values. The most popular feature of the Kit is the Lease Evaluator.



















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