Allen's Personal Info Page

This page is about me. (Surprise!!) Obviously this page is under construction, and I'm not sure what you'd like to know about me, so you'll have to excuse me if this sort of rambles...

This page was last updated 02 March 96.

I was born in Berkeley, California - a second generation Californian. (A rare breed - especially here in the Silicon Valley where it seems like everyone comes from out of state.) I got my BSEE from UC Berkeley, where I lived in a student Co-op called Cloyne Court. I now work for a company called SRI International in the Systems Technology Division as a Research Engineer. I've also been involved in projects where we use the GPS satellites directly as a reference (as opposed to using them for time or position determination).

As you can tell from the list of topics on my home page, I have a wide variety of interests and activities that I've picked up over the years. Though it is not listed first, the first hobby I picked up was Astronomy and Telescope Making (hence the lathe). For as long as I remember, I've had an interest in optical devices, starting with magnifying glasses, (ok, so I was interested primarily in frying bugs at the time - isn't that what little boys love to do?), which rapidly progressed to compound optics (microscopes and telescopes). I've ground several lenses, and have assembled several telescopes over the years.

Since getting a book on Astronomy as a birthday present in elementary school I've also been more than a little curious about the objects which populate the universe - what they look like, how they form and evolve, and how we deduce their physical properties. Even though I majored in Electrical Engineering, I took quite a few Astronomy courses while at Berkeley.

Biathlon is a sport I happened to come across after I started doing cross-country ski races. I showed up on the wrong weekend for a race, but a biathlon was being held that weekend. Not having ever shot before, and being anti-gun, I was reluctant to do the race. But the race crew offered to spend several hours with me prior to the race teaching me how to shoot. I completed the race, managed to hit several of the targets, won a prize, and got hooked into a sport I had never heard of before that weekend.

In addition to cross country skiing, I downhill ski, do ski jumping (Auburn Ski Club has a small jump hill), snow boarding, and just about anything else that can be done on the snow. As you can see by the pictures, I also do Summer Biathlon.

Skiing a cornice- 45k Shoot-off - 54k
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One activity leads in a serendipidous way to another. While taking a biathlon coaching class, I found out that my skating technique was flawed. In an effort to correct the problem, I started doing dry land training on ... you guessed it - rollerblades. Rollerblades lead to Roller Hockey, where I met my current housemate, who Windsurfs.

To be continued....