Bunyan's Barbeque Is The Best!
Bunyan's BBQ - 901 West College Street, Florence, AL 35630
(256) 766-3522

  At Bunyan's BBQ, it's really all about the pulled pork and spicy cole slaw topping.

The first time I tried it back in Fall 1978, I didn't expect the added kick that it gives.
All I'd ever had was BBQ drenched in sweet tomato-based sauces - a very common approach to BBQ.
The Bunyan's pulled pork and spicy slaw combo was totally uncommon, where you really tasted everything,
and the spicy slaw made your mouth tingle to remember it all. From then on, I was hooked!

Spicy Cole Slaw Recipe
*** Almost Bunyan's Spicy Hot Slaw ***

In 1982, I moved away from Florence, but never forgot the special flavor of Bunyan's.
I've had a lot of great pulled pork over the years, but the Bunyan's spicy slaw remained elusive.
More times than I can remember, I've visited Florence and stashed a few tubs in my luggage.
After dozens of attempts to replicate it and a lot of incredibly awful misfires and near-misses,
(along with plenty of wise cracks by my wife about being obsessed with it),
the code has mostly been cracked!!!
If you're really needing that Bunyan's spicy slaw but can't get to Florence,
the recipe above is pretty darn close to the real deal.


This page is in no way associated with Bunyan's Southern Foods.
I'm just a big fan of their products, but live hundreds of miles away!
If you can buy it at Bunyan's, don't make it yourself - DEFINITELY buy it there!

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