Andrew McIntyre
4279 Roswell Road 102-171

Atlanta, GA 30342-3700 (mail box)

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Over thirty years of experience in Information Technology; all in manufacturing, financial, software vendor and consulting environments; was a self-employed, independent consultant for nine years; previously provided single person technical support for both a $200M manufacturing company and a 700 customer software vendor; thorough experience in operations, programming, systems design, network design, hardware installation, data center build and technical support areas; detailed understanding of multi-vendor and multi-cpu environments; in-depth on-line, batch, communications and data base knowledge from systems design, systems programming and application development points of view on various hardware and software platforms.

Currently full time employed by IBM for over nine years.

99-today - IBM - System z Software Technical Sales - Software Migration Project Office - Atlanta, GA
Consulting IT Specialist - certified

  • Sales, installation, customization and support of mainframe IBM Tivoli Systems Management products NetView for z/OS, System Automation for z/OS and various System z OMEGAMONs with their related IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) distributed infrastructure (including the Tivoli Enterprise Portal or TEP) for the Tivoli Migration Team of the Software Migration Project Office in the zSeries Software Technical Sales group. This position involves high levels of customer interaction, planning and on site technical consulting beginning with pre-sales, sales, initial assessment, implementation, all necessary migration and conversion, plus any required development of custom code (Assembler, REXX or C) thru final production cutover. Customers are primarily medium to large IBM mainframe accounts.
  • Many projects related to the latest System z technology such as z/OS and Linux on IBM System z running in customer environments, IBM internal labs (z/VM guests) and on my Thinkpad notebook under both the Hercules Emulator and FLEX-ES.
  • Also work with various Intel Linuxes running natively and under the VMware product.

97-98 - self employed - consultant - Atlanta, GA
Developer/Systems Programmer

  • OS/390 systems programmer support for CheckFree Corporation including installation and configuration on the following mainframe products:
    • CICS/ESA 4.1
    • TCP/IP, FTP, SNMP and SMTP
    • Boole & Babbage Mainview and AutoOperator
    • Report Management and Distribution System (RMDS)
    • VPS from Levi, Ray and Shoup
    • RACF and RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF)
    • Systems Managed Storage (SMS) and Automatic Class Selection (ACS) routines
    • CICS, DB2, Assembler and dump support on the legacy Servantis (SSI) software products such as PEP+
    • IBM 9672 G4 Enterprise Servers including:
      • Hardware Maintenance Console (HMC)
      • Open Systems Adapter (OSA)
      • Logical Partitions (LPAR)
      • ESCON attached Cisco routers (CIP cards)
  • Various mainframe software development projects for clients using an IBM PC Server 500 System/390 small mainframe running OS/390.

90-96 - M&M Computer Services - consultants - Alpharetta, GA
Developer/Systems Programmer

  • Numerous mainframe system programmer support projects for my clients and the former IBM Professional Services in the MVS, VM and VSE operating systems and their subsystems, particularly CICS, IMS, DB2, VTAM and NCP.
  • IBM RS/6000 AIX systems support for SSI (now CheckFree Corporation). This consists of ordering, installation, system administration, development, production and customer support, including multiple high availability systems using X25 and frame relay networks with a large customer base, multiple institution, retail bank at home application connected via APPC to backend mainframe systems.
  • The RMS/PC product that is sold by SSI. This was a port of their mainframe RMS product to the OS/2 environment using Micro Focus COBOL and CICS/OS2. The product consists of over 200 programs and 500k lines of COBOL. All MVS jcl was converted to REXX.
  • The PEP+ ESA Enhancement Module (EEM) for the PEP+ software product that is sold by SSI. This was a total of 10k lines of code, mostly assembler with some COBOL II, that decreases the batch run time of PEP+ as much as 65% (triple the throughput) by using various I/O avoidance and data in memory techniques. It was completely developed on my PC using the Micro Focus MF/370 and Workbench products.
  • Information Warehouse Production work with the IBM Coca-Cola Joint Technology Project. This involved numerous data cleansing programs to move their production data to their DB2 data warehouse.
  • Information Warehouse Prototype with the IBM Coca-Cola Joint Technology Project. This was about 4k lines of DB2 code written in mainframe C that I developed on my PC using the Borland C++ product. It also involved another 2.5k lines of COBOL II code.
  • Custom DB2 data encryption software for the IBM Coca-Cola Joint Technology Project. This involved some highly complex assembler, COBOL II and ISPF panel programs. It is still in production protecting Coca-Cola's formula data in their Formula Automation System.
  • Large CICS data entry and verification application of about 5k lines of code written in DOS/VS COBOL for the State of California Treasurers Office in association with a large item processing automation project. It was also developed and tested on the Micro Focus Workbench.
  • Internet product and services development, including Web server setup and page authoring.
  • Have an IBM PC Server 500 System/390 small mainframe running OS/390 that is used for various development projects.
  • Member of the IBM S/390 Partners in Development program.

86-90 - Servantis Systems (SSI) - software vendor - Norcross, GA
Senior Systems Programmer/Manager of Technical Services

Provided technical support for this multi-product mainframe software vendor; products ranged in size from 20 programs and 50 thousand lines of code to 1200 programs and over 2 million lines; sales were made to a large diverse client base with various environments such as CICS, IMS, MVS and VSE; was involved in the technical design of many of the products; worked with the clients directly on numerous occasions whenever they had severe problems the normal support groups couldn't handle; converted thru many different hardware platforms as the company grew, beginning with dual 4361s all the way to a 3081-KX6; improved their test environment from a single OS/VS1 system running 3 CICSs and 1 IMS to an MVS/SP system running over 40 CICSs and up to 5 IMSs; updated their software source maintenance environment and its related products thru various VM/SP and VM/HPO releases; converted an older DOS test system to the latest VSE/SP; eventually installed both VM/XA/SP and MVS/XA as their growth required it; network consisted of over 350 terminals, various mini-computers (including AS/400s) and numerous token-ring attached PCs all networked with 5 VTAMs running under VM/XA/SP on a single cpu; most complex project was setting up and managing a remote processing service bureau that ran some of the products in production for clients that couldn't run the products themselves; other projects included an MVS/XA SMS installation, an ATT ASDS T1 communications network, a DB2/QMF test system, a 50 terminal token-ring based software training center and a VM/CMS ISPF based nationwide bulletin board system accessed thru the IBM Information Network.

84-86 - Kawneer Company - manufacturer - Norcross, GA
Senior Systems Programmer

Moved entire corporate data center from old location in Niles, MI to new location in Atlanta; large state of the art engineering/graphics oriented shop with multiple remote locations; systems consisted of an IBM 3083, VM/HPO, DOS/VSE, MVS/SP, CICS, GDDM and CADAM; implemented complete DOS test environment where none had existed previously; started conversion from DOS to MVS in 1984; primary responsibilities included 250+ terminal CICS system and all data bases; data base software was ADR's Datacom/DB system; installed ADR's IDEAL (CICS fourth generation language development system) with intent to make it primary language with PL/I as secondary; converted complete network from ATT to CODEX hardware; other responsibilities included VM applications, a CICS based company wide spreadsheet system, and VTAM/NCP/3705 support.

81-84 - Aladdin Industries - manufacturer - Nashville, TN
Manager of Technical Services

Spent two-thirds of time as technical support manager, other third as technical project leader on all dp projects; maintained large existing DOS/VS system on NAS AS/5-3 (pcm equivalent of IBM 370/158-3); installed VM/SP on NAS cpu (this was before IBM was persuaded to make a System Product as easy to install on pcm cpus as theirs); installed and helped users with various timesharing software under VM/SP; converted shop to DOS/VSE so we could utilize dasd sharing with 2nd cpu (IBM 4341), have a test CICS and be current on all software; other projects included converting a Paradyne tp network to all IBM, maintenance and support of a formal manufacturing system based on a large DL/I data base, complex CICS and DL/I sales performance system with a 500mb data base, available to promise system written in SQL/DS and networked HP3000 mini-computers.

75-77 and 79-81 - Tennessee Building Products - manufacturer - Nashville, TN
Programmer Analyst/Systems Analyst/Systems Programmer

Worked for this four company combined data center twice; designed and implemented order entry, inventory and bill of material system using IBM's BOMP data base; designed and implemented a second BOM system using Cincom's Total data base; performed all systems programming on IBM 360/40 running DOS; later converted it to EDOS; designed and implemented on-line financial and manufacturing systems using Cincom's Environ/I on-line software and Total data base; converted to first IBM 4331 running the new DOS/VSE operating system in city.

77-79 - Warren and Associates - cpa service bureau - Nashville, TN
Programmer Analyst/Systems Analyst/Systems Programmer

Designed and implemented on-line accounting systems for clients using Univac on-line software; received 2 years of financial systems experience; performed all systems programming on Univac 90/30 OS/3 system.

71-75 - Red Kap Industries - manufacturer - Nashville, TN

Started as Operator; promoted to Scheduler with job of scheduling all 3 shifts; promoted to Programmer on batch and CICS manufacturing systems; received 3 years of heavy CICS assembler programming experience.