Deposition Data

James Randi (geller-hotline)
15 Feb 92 06:46:58 EST

The tentative date for Mr. Geller's deposition (now to be held in
Washington) is now set for March 2nd to 4th. Whether it will REALLY
take place, we aren't sure. I'll keep you informed. Geller has now
announced that I will also be sued in Hungary, from whence I have just
returned. His lawyer there listed a long set of my comments from my
book, The Truth About Uri Geller, as if I'd stated them in Budapest.
Mr. Geller, who has also, within the last few days, also threatened the
Bay Area Skeptics and Nature Magazine with lawsuits, has taken to the
law as a means of silencing everyone who displeases him. I do hope
that the BAS will not panic at this latest move by Geller. We can't
afford him any victories of any sort, and making the skeptics run
scared is certainly a triumph for him.

In my careless haste (and, no doubt, a touch of Altzheimer's!) I
credited Rick Moen with setting up geller-hotline. While Rick has
been a faithful supporter of mine and has contributed in many ways, the
credit for geller-hotline is due to Scott Ballantyne, and my apologies are
hereby tendered to Scott. Many thanks!

I'll be speaking at CalTech on March 22nd for the newly-forming Los
Angeles Skeptics (replacing the Southern California Skeptics). Anyone
in that area can contact director Michael Shermer at (818) 794-3119.
Skeptical groups and individual skeptics wishing to encourage the LAS
at their inception, can fax Michael at the same number, or write him at
2761 North Marengo Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001.

I've been somewhat embarrassed at the fact that my essay for TIME has
been bumped ahead repeatedly. If Clinton and breast implants hadn't
interfered, it would have been published by now. I still expect it
"shortly." Sigh.

All for now. I'll keep you all posted, and thanks again, Scott. JR