The Geller almost-deposition

James Randi (geller-hotline)
13 Mar 92 22:26:48 EST

Well, the best-laid plans.... The 3-day stay in Washington was
supposed to bring about two depositions: first, Geller's deposition of
lawyers took all three days deposing me. Now, we have to set my
examination of Geller for some time in April.

I had a couple of shockers. First, I was presented with a statement
from Joe Dunninger's wife that implies I stole a $20,000 (a VERY
unrealistic price!) first edition of Nostradamus' "Centuries" (1672)
from her now-deceased husband. I can't tell you how that hit me. The
copy I have was bought and paid for from California, and there's a
provenance available for it. I have the cancelled check, etc., so I've
no problem. But the preposterous, insulting suggestion that I robbed a
man I so loved, is more than I can believe. That book, which I bought
to prepare my last book, "The Mask of Nostradamus," is now up for
sale, but I can't part with it until this ridiculous thing is settled.

Then, I was shown a letter from a former best-friend of mine who has
joined the Geller camp and now denies an observation of Geller's
methods that he had, until quite recently, supported. I've really been
betrayed on that score.

But, the entire episode was made into a success, not only by my rather
excellent lawyer, but by the fact that Penn & Teller each showed up in
turn in Washington to show their continued support and co-operation. I
was just about in tears seeing them there, doing their best to assure
me of the friends I have who are standing by me. I was given shelter
by Chip and Grace Denman, two loving people who have always been there
when I needed them.

Bob Steiner reports that the James Randi Fund is continuing to receive
contributions, and that, too, is cheering to me. However, if any of
you folks out there know of pro bono legal help I can get in the
Baltimore area, I can sure use it. I've still a pending suit there
that needs legal representation. It's important.

I'm confident, after hearing the proposed attack of the other side and
seeing my lawyer in action, that we'll win this case. In fact, I've
never had any doubts. I'll keep you all informed, of course.

Cheers! JR