Wednesday deposition...

James Randi (geller-hotline)
Mon, 13 Apr 92 04:22 EDT

I'll be arriving in NYC Tuesday to attend our deposition of Geller that
starts Wednesday. We've assembled a long list of authorities who have
colorful opinions of UG's "powers," and a number of scientists who were
actually deceived by him and are now aware of it. The big question about
all this is, when are Geller and his lawyers going to get real? There is
no way that I can see for him to win this case, and I'm a bit puzzled
about why he thinks he can win. My essay in this week's TIME magazine has
already caused some excitement (I don't yet know if it showed up in the
international edition) and I expect a lot of flack from it. The Natural
Law Party in the UK (the Mahareshi's political arm), I'm informed, did
zero in the election. Doug Henning, running in Blackpool, came in fourth
in a group of four candidates. Not bad. JR