News from Hungary...

James Randi (geller-hotline)
Sat, 25 Apr 92 03:41 EDT

I've received a report from Hungary that the father of the "kidnapped"
girl, 18-year-old Helga Farkas, the one Geller was asked to locate, has
now offered the entire ransom money (about US$250,000) for information
about her whereabouts. It was specifically stated, I'm told, that
Geller's information was not helpful. That, inspite of all the fuss made
in the UK newspapers about his efforts. The Hungarian police have
refused to re-open the case. JR

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Date: Wed, 29 Apr 92 01:50 EDT
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Subject: Timex...

I've been informed that the Geller suit against Timex, brought by him two
years ago for the use of an actor doing spoon-bending in one of their
commercials, has been dismissed. Out of four suits he has brought, that's
three down and one to go. Also, the Hungarian millionaire in Budapest is
now offering the "ransom" (US$250,000) to all comers who can add anything
to the case. It would appear that Mr. Geller's efforts weren't very
useful there, since the police have officially refused to re-open that
case. More anon, from Europe.