James Randi (geller-hotline)
Thu, 28 May 92 00:00 EDT

I've just returned from Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway, and I'm
TIRED! All (with one exception) lectures were well-organized, well-
attended and well-publicized. A very successful trip indeed. Met new
friends along the way, too. Mr. G. is now apparently concerned about
the magicians' signatures I'm gathering after I show a tape of one of his
performances. Well, I've now been givenan additional tape (from Norway)
which is equally interesting. Mr. G. has informed me that he believes he
has some sort of "copyright" on these tapes, though I'm unable to deter-
mine any such fact. He dislikes my showing them, which indicates a
possible interest in an attempt to prohibit me from doing so! Interesting!

I'll be lecturing at MIT this coming 9th of June. JR