James Randi (geller-hotline)
Sat, 13 Jun 92 10:00 EDT

My recent trip to Europe was very productive. I obtained the
opinions of many more professional magicians and academics concerning the
nature of Mr. Geller's performances as seen on videotape, and Mr. Geller
is now actively trying to prevent me from referring to these tapes.
Perhaps he is now aware that there is exceedingly interesting evidence
While I have your electronic ears, I'd like to put to rest a new
claim being made by certain detractors. Those of you who know me well
will find no new information in what follows, but there are some of you
who might not be as well informed.
The opposing camp has reached 'way down into the sewer, even
deeper than before, and they've come up with the accusation that I'm an
active anti-Semite. I hardly need assure you that they would pull off
the miracle of the age if they could produce one shred of evidence to
support that claim, but like any undenied rumor, this could perhaps color
the picture among those who don't know better. (Incidentally, this new
accusation includes CSICOP, the Humanist movement and all those who have
been supporting me.)
My record speaks for itself; I have never, ever, held any
racial, religious, ethnic or color bias of any sort, and all of my life I
have fought vigorously against bigotry. Years ago, when I really needed
work, I refused contracts to work in the Deep South where audiences were
segregated. More recently, I was offered big money to work in South
Africa, but I refused the employment because of apartheid. My major book
was dedicated to my Jewish landlady who was my second mother, and kept me
going when things were really tough; I revere her memory greatly. I am
angered and dismayed that in their desperation my enemies have chosen to
try this scurrilous tactic; their inability to produce a legitimate case
is perhaps best shown by this latest move.
My newest book, "Conjuring," is in the final stages of proofing,
revision and other necessary evils. I've just returned from lecturing at
MIT, where I gained further academic support in this battle, and I worked
on two PBS presentations that will be seen soon (I'll keep you informed).
Those TV programs will strike the enemy rather hard, I believe, and
further our cause yet more.
I look forward, along with all of you, to the appearance of the
next Penn & Teller book. If you thought "Cruel Tricks" was powerful, you
ain't seen nothin' yet, as they say. These guys are certainly prominent
allies in this battle. I can't wait....
Factum est. JR