Fund Clarification, Request for Info, Update

James Randi (geller-hotline)
Sun, 5 Jul 92 17:04 EDT

Hello friends! I've been away for a while, and it's been weeks since
I've been able to issue a bulletin or even a simple update. Sorry about
that, but other issues have interfered. It seems, according to those
close to the Geller vs. Randi case, that Mr. Geller is now without the
same legal representative. It's not quite clear exactly why, though I've
heard various explanations. I'll update you when it becomes clear.

CSICOP, it appears, is in an excellent position legally. Mind you, I'm
not doing badly either, and I can smell victory. The problem is, as
always, that it is going to take many months to arrive at a resolution of
the case, both for CSICOP and myself. The Fund needs to be kept up, and I
will remind you that administrator Bob Steiner awaits further welcome
contributions at:
The James Randi Fund
c/o Robert Steiner, CPA
P.O. Box 659
El Cerrito, CA 94530

PLEASE: Do not send any contributions directly to me, and make them
payable to The James Randi Fund, not to me. Mr. Steiner informs me of
each contributor, and I try (boy, do I try!) to thank each person
personally. I think the ultimate thank-you will be when I am able to
announce the unconditional victory over the opposition.

I must make one thing quite clear: The latest issue of Skeptical
Inquirer has a plea for contributions to the CSICOP Defence fund. My
name is mentioned in the text as one of those who has been sued, and
though I am quite, 100%, sure that there was no intention for it to be
suggested that my defence would be supported from that fund, several
persons have called to point out to me that possibility. I am NOT being
defended from that fund, but I must tell you that individuals within
CSICOP have personally, privately, contributed to The James Randi Fund
(JRF), and their concern has been acknowledged by me. But, similarly, I
do not wish any false impression to exist, that CSICOP receives funds
from the JRF. The two funds are quite separate. Understood?

I've been getting data input from all over, and I'm being made aware that
Mr. Geller has been denounced in very colorful and strong terms many
times in the past. I can use any such references to continue building my
case, so please send me any and all such information. Also, his claims
to fabulous wealth and income (I have many of these) are useful. You can
send all information to:

James Randi
12000 NW 8th Street
Plantation, FL 33325-1406

Since Mr. Geller launched his nonsensical claim about my "anti-Semitism,"
I've received welcome support from several Jewish organizations that are
aware of the truth about all that. One group within Israel are more than
just annoyed about it, and have promised strong action. To date, the
Geller camp has announced that I am:
an anti-Semite
a communist
a former jailbird
a child molester
a pornographer
a thief.
Alas, I admit that I'm only a conjuror, a skeptic, an escape artist, an
actor, a writer, an amateur archaeologist and an amateur astronomer.
Nothing there at all that would interest the National Enquirer. What
fascinates me is that I've NEVER been accused of anything to do with
drugs - using, selling or possessing any illicit substance! Maybe that's
being saved for a big surprise up ahead. Nothing, but nothing, would
surprise me....! I find that these folks are capable of any manner and
degree of character assassination.

I found out the source of the accusation that I stole a rare first-edition
of The Prophecies of Nostradamus from a now-deceased friend. The discovery
was no surprise at all, since this person has been involved in other brave
attempts to destroy my reputation. But, since adding this latest sin to
the list, our slimy little villain has make the ultimate error. When the
present matter has been resolved, we'll drop on this apostle like a ton
of stuff.

Stay tuned! JR