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James Randi (geller-hotline)
Fri, 7 Aug 92 00:29 EDT

Things are quiet on the Geller vs. Randi front. Mr. Geller's lawyer is no
longer working for him due to a problem. My lawyers are working hard,
with surprises to come shortly. The James Randi Fund is sagging a bit, as
victory seems more apparent. CSICOP is exultant, since they can now
anticipate being granted specific sanctions by the judge. I hope they can
recoup their losses. I have a TV crew coming in here tomorrow, interviews
and photo dates next week. This case, and another investigation I have
coming up, will make a lot of news. The Italian TV people have granted me
rights to show tapes of Mr. Geller at work, tapes in which certain very
interesting things show up. The claim had been made that copyrights to
the video material would prevent my using these tapes. Not so. I'm free
to use them. The co-operation of the media has been very gratifying, and
a MAJOR television show will be doing a full hour on me and my battle.
I'm told that someone has been showing around a copy of the deposition
that Geller did with me in Baltimore. Not a wise move! That material is
federally protected, at present. Someone will be hearing from me. So,
things are improving more every day. Thanks to all you folks who have
supported me so willingly, we can anticipate an earlier victory. Stay
tuned to this station! JR