Recent stuff...

James Rand ((no email))
22 Nov 92 21:41:12 EST

I'm told that UG did not show up for a scheduled deposition in Miami last
week for the Prometheus case, the reason given being that his lawyers were
suddenly too busy with another important case of theirs. The notice was
delivered 24 hours before the arranged hour, by fax.

There has been a further important development that is not yet complete.
I will report on that as soon as I have further information. This item is
very encouraging indeed.

I just returned from Russia, where I was filming tests of "psychics." I
have to report that the "psychics" there are no more "psychic" than those
here, and the parapsychologists are just as naive as you might suspect.
"Biogravity" is the big discovery for them. It takes place when spoons
stick to their faces. I kid you not. Real scientists are agog over this
wonder. Spoons seem to figure very largely in parapsychology, don't they?

On Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26, for our overseas friends) I'll be seen on
the Larry King Live show. Do tune in.