The latest....

James Randi - Wizard ((no email))
18 Dec 92 18:18:38 EST

Hi folks! Things continue to improve. (1) Mr. G's lawyer in Florida (in
the case he has against Prometheus, et al) faxed in a message recently,
just 24 hours before a scheduled deposition of his client, saying that
the deposee would not be appearing, (2) Mr. G has just made overtures in
that case in the UK, suggesting that he would settle for a much lower
award, and (3) I have Mr. G scheduled for a deposition in NYC on Feb.
2/93. Very soon, interesting things will begin to happen.

Meanwhile, I have just signed another book contract. The present book,
"Conjuring," has received excellent reviews (except for one magician who
did not show up in the book) and in 1993 I will be appearing on at least
two major, major TV programs that will feature the Geller saga. Another
major TV news/investigative show will examine the Geller matter, as well.
I'll be doing a major lecture tour in Australia in '93, too. So, great
coverage is coming up and that can only end up going in the direction of
unravelling this whole thing in our favor. I'm much encouraged.

The ONLY down note is that The James Randi Fund is running low, and in
need of a major transfusion. If anyone out there knows of an agency that
might promote this cause, I'm ready to do some heavy listening.