The Orange/Blue Dot

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Fri, 26 Feb 93 19:32 EST

In September of 1992, it appeared that psychic superstar Uri Geller had
come up with a new gimmick to entrance newspaper readers: The Orange Dot.
It was referred to in the UK Daily Star as, "the magic dot created by Uri
Geller...[which] made readers dreams come true." This was available to
readers, said the newspaper, "simply by touching it." The response was
satisfactory indeed, with reports coming in to the "Powerline" telephone
number in London (at 60 to 77 cents per minute) of prizes won and all
sorts of other good things.

Was the Orange Dot a divine inspiration that came to Mr. Geller from his
favorite UFO (named "Intelligence in the Sky" or just IS, for short) or
did it simply spring from his fertile brain? Either is possible. But it
seems that the same powers that drive, inform and inspire Mr. Geller also
favor lesser lights in the psychic firmament. More than two years
previously, back in June of 1990, the National Enquirer, the USA's
favorite source of "creative" journalism, featured what has now become a
yearly attraction: The Blue Dot. This is a magical spot of which the
Enquirer says, "touching it could make your dreams come true." It is
"energized" by psychics Judy Hevenly [really!] and Laura Steele.

Admittedly, the "Orange Dot" is 2-7/8" in diameter, and the "Blue Dot" is
only 2-5/8" across. But the similarity in the two ideas seems quite
remarkable, and may be an example of synchronicity. Other solutions also
suggest themselves.

In any case, there are vivid imaginations working overtime on both sides
of the Atlantic. No, not on the part of the psychics. On the part of the
twits who actually believe that touching a colored dot will change their
lives. Now, I have an idea for a Black Spot. I think I'll call the
story, Treasure Island.... JR