The Japanese case...

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
23 Mar 93 11:03:38 EST

This morning I was notified by the media that a Japanese court has awarded
Geller Y500,000 as a result of his lawsuit there against me. That's
$4,310 (just 1/3 of one percent of what he demanded!) and I'm appealing
that decision, since I never had a chance to present my case to the court.
I responded to the summons last year by saying that I could not afford to
retain a Japanese lawyer, but I never heard ANYTHING from the system.
Then the media started calling this morning. No one, not Geller's
lawyers nor the court clerk there, have ever responded to me. Even now,
I only know of all this from the media.

Eppur si muove..... JR