The latest claim from Geller

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
05 Apr 93 00:30:30 EDT

The incredible Uri Geller never ceases to further stretch the gullibility
of his devoted fans. Last week's edition of "Psychic News" in the UK
chortled over the "justice and vindication" granted the "leading Israeli
psychic" by a Tokyo court, along with the "awarded damages." Unmentioned
was the embarrassing amount of that award, and the even more devastating
fact that an Hungarian court awarded Geller just $25 in a similar case he
brought in that country. Nor did Psychic News regale its readers with
the $106,000+ that Geller must pay CSICOP by the 15th of this month.
Can't wait to announce the result of that adventure.

What really boggles the mind, however, among all the misleading and simply
wrong details in the Psychic News story, is the claim by Geller that he
"now believes he has found . . . the Holy Ark of the Covenant." I suggest
that Geller has been watching too many Harrison Ford films of late.

The Psychic News story quoted Geller as hoping that "last month's verdict
in his favour would be the first in a series of such judgements which
would `set the record straight.'" He can believe me when I say that I,
too, want to set the record straight. We just have different notions
about "straight."

Will there ever be a claim preposterous enough to dismay Geller's
disciples? No, though he's trying hard for that goal. There was the
flying saucer named "IS," the giant Hawk-god Horus who spoke English,
bringing the astronaut's camera back from the moon, stopping Big Ben,
repairing Russian satellites by psychokinesis, and now he's bringing us
the Holy Ark of the Covenant. I ask you, where would we be without him?