Geller takes another hit....

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
15 Apr 93 09:29:52 EDT

In a libel case brought by Mr. Uri Geller against Prometheus Books,
author Victor Stenger and Paul Kurtz, a decision has been made.
Yesterday, Judge Ursula Ungaro-Benages ruled that:

Defendant's motion for sanctions . . . is granted and
plaintiff [Geller] shall pay the reasonable costs and
attorney's fees incurred by defendants Victor J. Stenger
and Prometheus Books . . .

All claims against all defendants have been dismissed.

The "reasonable costs and attorney's fees" are not yet announced, but will
be in five figures.

Meanwhile, today is the day by which Mr. Geller was to have paid CSICOP the
six-figure costs of their defence in the other case. He has filed a motion
for "reconsideration" of that action.

I have suggested to the UK press, concerning Mr. Geller's announcement
that he has found the Holy Ark of the Covenant, that he should be told
that Steven Spielberg is not a documentary film producer, and Harrison
Ford is not really an archaeologist. Our aim is always to educate and