The latest on Geller....

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Thu, 29 Apr 93 00:15 EDT

I've heard today from Gerard Majax, a magician colleague of mine in
France, who was sued by Mr. Geller for comments Majax made in his latest
book. In what seems to be more or less a habit with Mr. Geller, he
brought the action beyond the statute of limitations -- in other words,
too late. Now we will sit back and see what M. Majax's lawyers will do
in light of this latest performance. Under French law, bringing a case
in this manner can be the cause for serious counter-attacks. One might
almost suspect that all these actions are being brought just too late to
be able to win them, but to still harrass the defendants with legal
costs.... One wonders.... I'm off to Switzerland, where further
interesting news awaits me. JR