Update on trial

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Mon, 31 May 93 23:56 EDT

Hi all... I'm in Baltimore and briefly reporting on how it's going.
I've been on trial in Baltimore in the Byrd case, going into the
eighth day at 10 tomorrow morning. The matter is expected to be in
the hands of the jury Wednesday, with a verdict hoped for that same

It has been going, I believe, very well. Though with a jury verdict
one never knows for sure what might occur, I am very confident. I've
called some very effective witnesses, and I think the jury has been
attentive. Ideally, I can win a total victory, or any one of several
combinations of decisions. By the end of the session on Wednesday, I
hope to able to inform you that all is well and the enemy is routed.
We'll see....

Along the way, some VERY interesting and previously unsuspected
information has been developed, coming from various sources. You will
all be notified of this new data in due time.

Believe me, life in a courtroom is not at all real, nor is it what
Perry Mason fans believe it to be. I don't much care for it, and it's
not something I'd look forward to again. But, the battle is yet to be

Stay tuned...... JR