James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
04 Aug 93 08:43:27 EDT

Re the first statement in "Promises, Promises," I've received a number of
welcome corrections. My information came through a 1-800 NASA information
number, where the lady who answered me was literally in hysterics when I
asked if Mr. Geller had been asked to free the High Gain Antenna on the
Galileo space craft. The facts are that (a) the HGA is still jammed,
though REAL efforts are being applied to try unsticking it, (b) the LGA
(Low Gain Antenna) is working well, and some 70% of the originally planned
projects can still be accomplished by Galileo, (c) I was not completely
informed by the information person. My apologies for the error.

The fact remains that Mr. Geller was NOT asked by NASA to use his wondrous
powers to help them. That was my original point, among many.

NEW POINTS: correspondents have reminded me of other promises made by Mr.
Geller. Here are just a few.....

CLAIM: In 1988, Mr. Geller said he would launch a Health Cosmetic line, a
perfume called, "Uri" (with a real crystal in the bottle! Wow!) and a
fast-food restaurant chain.

FACT: We don't have healthy cosmetics, Uri perfume (avec or sans crystal)
or Uriburgers. Not yet.

CLAIM: He said that he has a leisure wear clothing company that makes
"about $20 million a year," and he expects it to grow to "about $100
million a year."

FACT: Mr. Geller may very well have such a company going. However, it
does not show up anywhere I've looked.

CLAIM: Mr. Geller says that with the use of his "powers" he has "destroyed
cancer cells" for scientists.

FACT: This accomplishment is unknown to cancer researchers.

CLAIM: The South Korean government gave him $10,000,000 "to locate

FACT: The South Korean government is unaware of having paid Mr. Geller for
anything, let alone finding tunnels.

CLAIM: A Japanese company gave him $1,000,000 to find gold in Brazil.

FACT: This may be true. No evidence has been offered.

And on it goes..... JR