Yet more!

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
06 Aug 93 14:49:09 EDT

I've just been informed that Geller, at a press conference, has announced
that he is going to try to alter the AIDS virus! Wow! How can we stand
the suspense? I hope this wonder is accomplished a little faster than the

Joke from Karl Sabbagh in the UK, which I could not resist passing on:

Did you hear about the homeopathy patient who forgot
to take his medicine -- and died of an overdose?

That made my day, and I hope it makes yours.

The James Randi Fund, formerly run from El Cerrito, California, will now
be managed by:
Mr. K. Lewis
142 West 49th Street, Suite 12H
New York City, NY 10019.

This office has volunteered to do the book-keeping on the Fund. I'm very
grateful for this participation. The James Randi Fund was set up to
accept contributions to cover the legal costs incurred in fighting the
suits brought by Uri Geller and others. Contributions are still sought in
these final months of the battle. Victory is in sight, and the credit is
due to those who have supported us financially, with needed information,
and by welcome legal advice -- here in the USA and abroad. So far, it has
been a steady stream of wins for us, the opposition being subjected to
sanctions that increase every day. Without the help of you good folks out
there, we could not have done it. But, though we win the battles, the war
is not yet won. Please stick with us in this, and we'll have a resounding
victory to celebrate.



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