Crop Circles.......?

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
09 Aug 93 09:20:57 EDT

If any of you folks saw the irresponsible "Crop Circles" program on PBS
last night (the 8th) and had the same opinion of it as I did, I urge you
to write WGBH Boston (125 Western Avenue, Boston MA, 02134) and make your
thoughts known. The Australian-produced show (1992) ignored all the
presently-known facts about this colossal practical joke, and presented a
quite false picture of the validity of dowsing and the other claptrap that
went along with it. WGBH will react to such letters, and yours can make a
difference. When NOVA presented a very careless show, "The Case of ESP,"
a few years back, heads rolled when concerned viewers complained. That
show was the single most objected-to in the history of the program. But,
unless you put in your complaints, they won't know of them, so I urge you
to drop them your comments.

Things continue well, and September approacheth apace.

Justice, though moving with tardy pace,
has seldom failed in overtaking the wicked
in their flight.
Horace (65 BC - 8 BC)

Anon..... JR