More wonders....

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
27 Aug 93 10:15:20 EDT

Wow! The Mars Observer is safe at last! Heavy psychics are on the job,
folks! "Riley G" (he who bats 0 for 6) has announced that he and his
buddy Uri Geller are willing to go to NASA headquarters and solve The
Problem of the Lost Probe. That is, of course, if they're invited by
NASA. The last time we heard a claim that NASA was clamoring for psychic
help, the Information Officer there was convulsed in glee when asked
about the possibility.

This exciting news flash tells us that ". . . both Uri and "Riley" are
presently trying to locate the source of the jamming." What a relief! I
was real worried about losing the Observer, but of course we can all
relax now. Whew! Talk about close calls!

According to this "Immediate Release" (wouldn't want the world to be kept
ignorant of this great news any longer than necessary!) there are "Two
(2) psychics . . . busy doing their own mind probes" on the problem, so I
just KNOW that the Observer will be safe. Maybe within two (2) days,
even! Or, knowing how capricious these remarkable powers are, maybe not
for two hundred (200) years......

And to think that "Riley" and his chum can do this important work "from
their homes"! Will wonders never cease?

To quote the divine Hooker:
Hope beginneth here with a trembling expectation
of things far removed, and as yet but only heard of.

I can't wait..... JR