James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
28 Aug 93 11:05:12 EDT

There has been talk that the Mars Observer failed because the Martians
shot it down! Now, with "Riley" and his assistant attempting to remedy
this situation by psychic intervention, are we not in imminent danger of
interplanetary war? Have the psychics really thought this all out? Can
we allow them to meddle with cosmic relationships like this? I mean, if
they want to make minor predictions about Liz Taylor's next marriage,
school-board election scandals or an earthquake in California soon (I
think that one's right on the money!) that's not really interfering with
the rest of us. The coo-coo segment can fret and gasp over those boring
items. But fiddling about with the Martians? Death rays and other icky
stuff is sure to be the inescapable result.

I'm worried, folks. This has gone too far!