They're busy, busy, busy!

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
01 Nov 93 17:11:28 EST

Well, the scallywags are at it again! Dismayed by the success of the NOVA
program, the sleazy little folks who have been attacking my character (but
not my work...!) organized the expected barrage of hate-mail and sent it
off to the sponsors (funders) of NOVA, bad-mouthing me, CSICOP, the whole
skeptical movement in general, and in effect, anyone who would DARE to
think independently. Lockheed, Johnson & Johnson, PBS, WGBH -- anyone
that the scurrilous rascals could get to, were got to.

Sorta sad, really. With nothing better to do, these shadowy dwarfs peck
out the badly-spelled, grammatically-naive, nasty stuff and fire it off
in all directions. I'd alerted everyone to the fact that this was bound
to happen (as it does with all my major appearances) so they were
prepared. Hey, go get yourselves a life/lives!

Bottom line: more conferences with WGBH about future projects.

Off to Europe to fight the good fight. Many bad guys to confront there,
as usual, and lots of help doing it.

Up and awaaaaaay! JR