Exhibit I from Geller vs. Stenger

Victor Stenger (vjs@uhhepb.phys.hawaii.edu)
Sun, 14 Nov 93 18:58 EST

The following letter is included as Exhibit I in the public
record of the now-dismissed lawsuit of Uri Geller against Victor
Stenger in Hawaii. I am sure you will find it amusing. I don't
know who "Franklin" is.

Vic Stenger

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>From Marcello Truzzi, Ph.D.
To Uri Geller Oct. 18, 1991

Dear Uri,

Enclosed are some pages from Prometheus books which refer to
either your being a fraud or your alleged arrest in Israel.
Relevant stuff is highlighted.

Uri, I think you may have some serious problems with suing over
the issue of fraud, even in England. First of all, there is a
fundamental difference between commiting (sic) a fraud and being
a fraud. As I see it, saying you have committed a fraud might be
actionabale (sic). That would be indicating that you have
committed a criminal act, fraud. But to say you personally are a
fraud is something quite different. This does not say you have
defrauded anyone in the legal sense, merely that you are
misrepresenting yourself in some way that many have no
criminality attached to it at all (just as Randi has frequently
called himself a fraud).

A second problem exists. (1) You were frequently called a fraud
by many writers for many years and never sought legal action
about it. I enclose as one prime example a copy of a _NT Times_
article calling you a fraud in the article headline. (2) In your
book with Playfair, you actually thank your critics like Randi
for their attacks on you (presumably as a fraud). This is an
admission by you that you seemed to actually welcome such attacks
for their publicity value. It could be argued that this was
actually an encouragement for your critics to attack you along
those lines with impunity. I enclose a copy of the page from
your book to which I refer.

Meanwhile, I will continue to see what I can learn further about
when Randi visited with Franklin. I find in a letter I have from
Ray Hyman (dated Dec. 21, 1976) that he just came back from
Buffalo where he with Randi and Franklin (who flew in there)
appeared together on a TV program. That is apparently the time
when Randi and Franklin were together. Apparently, Randi greatly
impressed Franklin with his recreations of your effects, but the
result seems to have been not that Franklin was disennchanted
(sic) with your abilities. Instead, he seem to conclude that
Randi was actually psychic, too!

Marcello Truzzi

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