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James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
05 Dec 93 18:24:37 EST

I'm back from Europe. Good audiences, helped the skeptical cause a lot,
and learned a few new things about A Major Psychic. More about that when
the time comes.

I've just been told of a really clever bit apparently thought up by the
strange person "Riley" for Geller's use. Seems that "Riley" is offering
a service through Geller whereby a wealthy client (one who fears being
kidnapped for ransom) will cough up $300,000 to Geller and be given a
Secret Word so that once snatched, the numbskull client will think about
that word and can thus be zeroed-in on by the powerful "Riley"-Geller ESP
team. Well, I would not be at all surprised that some dunderhead -- with
more cash than grey matter -- will go for it. Or, now that I think about
it, maybe not. Hey, what if, instead of the client being located, a duck
flies down when he thinks of the Secret Word? How embarrassing!

In any case, I'd like to suggest that anyone who thinks this scheme might
do anything but make "Riley"-Geller rich, might also want to witness a
tiny test before he/she plunks down on the barrel-head. Now, THAT would
be a grand idea! I'll even volunteer to conduct the test! Free!

I guess you all know that UG has been ordered to pay $49,148 costs in the
Hawaii case? This is in addition to the $149,000 -- + interest -- that
CSICOP has been awarded.

But did you know that Geller's case against Gerard Majax and Editions
Michel Lafon, in Paris, was abandoned by Geller (September 15th) just a
few days before Geller would have had to go through with it? The case
was brought because of REALLY strong statements made in "Les Faiseurs de
Miracle" (The Miracle-Makers) written by Majax. The book can be
purchased: ISBN #2-908-65216-1. And it's STRONG!!!

Look on page 272 and the crux of the matter is told:

"[Geller] continues to deceive the simpletons of the world. He
earns big money while he also brings expensive lawsuits against
adversaries who get in his way. That's the case in the USA with
James Randi, an illusionist who has had the courage to write the
truth about Uri Geller. With the American judiciary system, the
fortunate plaintiff is allowed to give a hard time to a less
wealthy defendant, even though the latter is in the right. In
France, we are on firm ground; our system of law would require him
to prove his powers."

I just wonder if that fact had anything to do with Geller's retreat....?

All for now. Cheers. Keep on truckin'... JR