Geller Must Pay $49,148.32 or else.

Scott Ballantyne ((no email))
Wed, 9 Feb 94 19:59 EST

The judge in the Miami suit of Geller v. Stenger does not pay
$49,148.32 by March 3, 1994 that Geller will be hit with further

Victor Stenger is a physicist and the author of "Physics and Psychics:
The Search for a World Beyond the Senses". Geller brought suit in
three different locations: Miami, Hawaii and London, England over one
sentence in this book. Geller asked that the Miami suit be dismissed,
but this dismissal cost him $49.148.32 for legal expenses incurred by
Stenger. The Hawaii action was dismissed. The London action is still

Stenger may be reached for comment at: