"Unsolved Mysteries" TV show

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Sat, 2 Apr 1994 19:41:00 -0500

I'm told by an excellent and reliable source that "unsolved Mysteries" will
now NOT be doing their piece on Ronnie Marcus. Could this be.... integrity?
Nahhhhhh! But the physicists are still salivating over this wunderkind and
his straight-out-of-the-catalog numbers. If, that is, he's a conjuror.
Depend on it, they'll declare him to be The Real Thing.

I now have learned that Ronnie does one of my demonstrations (though I do it
by trickery, I must admit) using a newspaper column. Gee, I wish I could do
it the REAL way, like Ronnie.

I'm in St. Louis on Friday, lecturing at St. Louis Community College. Come
by and say hello.
James Randi.