Truzzi's response to Randi/Randi's position on Truzzi

Scott Ballantyne ((no email))
Thu, 7 Apr 1994 01:54:04 -0400

The following was sent to the hotline on behalf of Marcello Truzzi by
Dr. Beverly Rubik. Her address is: V2058A@VM.TEMPLE.EDU, presumably
she can forward mail for Truzzi.

Randi has read Truzzi's statement, but declined to respond directly.
He explains his position on Truzzi in a short statement following



-------------------------------------- From: Marcello Truzzi Date: April 5, 1994 --------------------------------------

I was just shown a copy of James Randi's "The 3rd 'Ronnie' bulletin" which makes reference to me. Since I am not a computer bulletin board participant, I have asked that the following be posted for me by a friend. ( I can be contacted directly by mail at 5010 Willis Road; Grass Lake, MI 49240.)

Once again James Randi shows his reluctance to check his "facts." (1) I am not involved in testing Roni Marcus. Nor am I acting as a conjuring expert for those tests. I did, however, recommend several respected conjurors who could help evaluate Mr. Marcus's claims. (2) After Mr. Marcus's performances were first described to me, I told anybody who asked me that he seemed to be not only a trickster but that his effects can be found in magic catalogs. Randi never bothered to ask me for my views before pontificating about them. I have no reason to believe Mr. Marcus is anything but a conjuror. I said this to other magicians, and at least one of them spoke with Randi about Marcus and me. This strongly suggests Randi knows my position but has intentionally misrepresented it. (3) Contrary to Randi's nonsense about my allegedly being a "fence sitter" towards psychic claims, my skepticism is documented and unchanged. A clear and convincing scientific case for psi has not yet been made. I remain a nonbeliever in psi, but I do not share Randi's strident and dismissive posture towards parapsychology.

-------------------------------------------------------- From: James Randi Date: Wed, 6 Apr 1994 -------------------------------------------------------

To anyone interested: Many years ago I informed Dr. Marcello Truzzi that I would no longer communicate with him, acknowledge his letters or calls, or in any way respond to him. I did this because of serious differences that developed between us. That is still my stance. I will continue to not "suggest," misrepresent" and/or "ask" anything of or about Dr. Truzzi. I will not be drawn into a discussion, and I have no other comment on the matter. James Randi.