Sorry but....

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Wed, 1 Jun 1994 12:47:22 -0400

To borrow shamelessly from Mark Twain, "The report of my death was an
exaggeration." My phone has been twanging away incessantly this morning
with persons calling to find out if I'm really deceased. No such luck. I'm
well and feistier than ever, a fact that about half the callers find
cheering, and half find dismaying. In fact, now that I'm aware of just how
many persons would take joy at my leaving, I'm determined to survive to an
exceedingly ripe age. It's an idea I've only toyed with up until now, but
there is added charm in knowing that my continued survival will lead to yet
more teeth-gnashing.

A news item to give some real import to this posting: it was reported to me
just yesterday from the office of the Attorney General of one of the states,
that a certain person represented him/herself as an officer of the U.S.
Postal Service, and demanded certain information from the A.G.'s office.
Now that is a serious no-no, a Federal no-no. The A.G.'s office is not at
all amused, nor is the USPS Investigator's office. Expect some more news on
this item when the facts are all in. Anon.

Must go and cancel the cremation order. These guys are insistent, and don't
want to take "NO!" for an answer....


I've just now seen the posting from the intellectual giant who hangs around
like a bad rash. Typically, he has picked up on an anonymous phone call and
accepted it because it's "news" he would like to be true. With all the
earth-shaking successes he and his "colleague" have had recently (sold-out
houses in Australia, stunning wins in the law courts, straightening out
Galileo and finding the lost Mars Observer for NASA, to name only a few
miracles) one would think that he could sit back on his laurels. (Please,
will someone explain the "laurels" reference to him. He may think it's a
part of his body.)

C21H28O5 is just around the corner.....