Harald Feldman and Mrs. Schut the Psychic

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Mon, 6 Jun 1994 19:10:33 -0400

To Interested Parties:

On June 2 I sent a message to a Harald Feldmann in the UK who is
offering, for $50 a shot, the services of a Dutch "psychic" named
Mrs. Schut. He claimns that this woman can, in return for the quoted
fee, send out healing powers to the client who sends in a recent
photograph. Mr. Feldmann also asks the client to report IF THE
HEALING EFFECT IS NOTED. I asked him how one could know if any relief
was due to Mrs. Schut's efforts, and also whether clients were also
asked to report if NO relief was experienced. I suggested that since
he is offering a service in return for a fee, it would seem proper to
offer some proof that the "psychic" actually can perform as
advertised. I asked:

Would Mrs. Schut be willing to do a simple test of her powers? I
suggest that I send her 10 photographs and ask her to simply tell me
if the persons represented are dead or alive. I will offer Mrs. Schut
my prize of USD 10,000 upon a successful completion of this test.
Mrs. Schut is welcome to keep this prize, if won, or to donate it to
any charity of her choice.

Mr. Feldman responded (today, June 6) by saying that Mrs. Schut's
intentions are serious and that she was not interested in playing

This does not appear to answer my questions, to which some others may
also wish to have answers. I suggest to all of you that you might
also make these inquiries of Mr. Feldmann. Surely he will respond to
some of you, and I would be interested in knowing his response.
Meanwhile, I have sent him the following:

Mr. Feldmann: I assure you that MY intentions, too, are "serious." I
have no interest in "playing games," either. On both those points we
are in agreement. My intention, as I'm sure you will see upon re-
reading my message, is to determine, on behalf of your paying
customers, whether Mrs. Schut actually can pass a simple, direct test
of the claims made for her. I note, as well, that my other questions
were not answered. May I have a response, please? I assure you that
I am not bringing into question the validity of your intentions or the
purpose of your advertisement. I await with interest your response.
James Randi.

I will keep you informed of the course of this investigation.

Mr. Feldmann can be reached at: harald.feldmann@almac.co.uk

Organization: ALMAC: Scotland : +44 (0)324 665371