James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 21:21:46 -0400

[The large majority of users will have no interest in the subject: "Riley."
It is suggested that disinterested persons ignore this message. I post it
here for those of you who have been observing the comedy, to inform you of
the latest, since the often incoherent ravings of the subject need
clarification. Sorry to trouble you this far if you're not a student of
abnormal psychology. JR]

(1) The words in Riley's latest post should have been "volume" and "guest"
rather than "volumn" and "quest."

(2) The trick with the shot-glass was described fully in one of my books
for children, with illustrations. Riley has obviously purchased this book
and now claims to have solved the trick by keen observation. Sure.

(3) No, I've not seen Riley's Joe Franklin tapes, but I'm glad that he
finally made The Big Time.

(4) The event with the "alleged person" looking through my mail was easily
resolved. I tracked her down, reported the matter to the postal
authorities, and she admitted the fact. She had seen me on television and
was merely curious about whether or not that was actually my mail box. I
did not press charges. After all, a fan is a fan.

(5) As most of us know, "alleged" means "claimed without proof." Since I
personally observed this woman to be a real person, there is no application
of the word "alleged." Forgive Riley; he does not have a dictionary, and
all his grammar comes from police reports.

James Randi.



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