Sick of angels!

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 20:45:00 -0500


I postponed this particular piece until the PBS stations had finished their
mid-August funding pleas. I'm supportive of their work because of the raft
of excellent programs they offer us, and I didn't want to interfere with the
fundraising process.

But I seethed when a blatantly stupid program, "In Search of Angels" was
used as a come-on for donations. Pandering to gullibility is inexcusable,
and when the host of a WXEL-TV session here said, following this inane show,
"Giving to support WXEL means that you can continue getting programming like
you've just seen," I was ready to explode. "The programming says it all,"
said this character, betraying every good intention the directors of the
channel may ever have had.

The scripting of "In Search of Angels" was juvenile, to say the best of it.
"They certainly are there," said the starry-eyed ingenue in charge of bad
information, referring to guardian angels, and there followed a stream of
dumbos who verified that they regularly depended on these supernatural
beings for protection and guidance.

On the NBC-TV Nightly News, the author of one of the million-selling angel
books, just last night, told her viewers that there was nothing wrong with
making even trivial requests of one's guardian angel. "You can certainly
ask them to find you a parking space," she beamed. Can you get less trivial
than that? Gimme a break!

It's getting worse, folks..... James Randi.



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