James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 09:42:00 -0500

Friends.... Since I won't be available again on the system until the 28th (I'm
off to NYC until then) I'll take this opportunity of wishing all of you the very
best of the Winter Solstice holiday. I can get some great symbolism from the
fact that at this time each year, the Earth begins again to present a more direct
face to the Sun (from our northern-hemisphere point of view) and things start to
get more pleasant, weather-wise. Well, things are now a lot better in many ways
for me, with the Mills of the Gods* having begun to grind "exceedingly small" in
recent weeks. Things look good.

Many of you who read this have contributed to my cause, and I continue to be
grateful for that fact. The good guys are only a step or two from the finish
line, and we're out front by several lengths.

Happy holidays, all!

James Randi

* I know, it says "mills of God" in the Longfellow quote,
but I'm an equal-opportunity skeptic.


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