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Fri, 6 Jan 1995 09:28:00 -0500


The news this morning didn't cheer me at all. But then, it seldom does. We
have religious crackpots expressing the love of a benevolent Christ by means
of bullets, parents killing their kids to drive the Devil out of them, and
everyone panicking, running about in circles as The End of the World
approaches and they realize that the Millennium will be here in another five
years, eleven months and twenty-five days.

I was dismayed when George Bush embraced Billy Graham, fellow-dinosaur to
the Pope, as a White House guest and advisor. Of course, that hardly
compared to Reagan and the Dragon Lady being guided by a nobody astrologer
from California, but it came close. When Senator Claiborne Pell introduced
former psychic superstar Uri Geller (he bent spoons--wow!--if you remember)
to a secret, closed meeting with members of the U.S. Congress, my heart sank
another notch. Now, as if to really put us into La-La-Land in 1995, that
deep thinker William Clinton has summoned up the wisdom to import the
inspirational fire-walker, pop guru and "motivational" speaker (rain-dances
performed and amulets blessed at reasonable rates), the one-and-only Tony
Robbins as a guest at Camp David!

Come on, Bill, let's get the act together! Sure, you got a set-back when
the GOP moved in. Hillary is taking lumps and Newt is cackling himself
silly as he beats his very big drum and threatens to bring back the
Inquisition. But Tony Robbins, of the Mostly Teeth and Everything Will Be
Dandy presentation? Better Chinese Fortune Cookies or the 1-900 Psychic Hot
Line, please!

We sink deeper and deeper into idiocy and provide lots of amusement for the
rest of the world when our leaders get silly and appeal to magic and
crackpot ideas. Maybe we need that collision with an asteroid that Carl
Sagan and others promise us is inevitable. Now. At about longitude 77.0,
latitude 38.9. But not until after the 13th, please, because I'll be there.

And yes, I know that's a Friday, but I don't care. Shows how brave I am,
doesn't it?
James Randi.


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