Benny Hinn

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 09:31:00 -0500


I'm increasingly enraged at the TV circus known as the Benny Hinn Show.
He's the current "healing" guru who strikes the gullible sick to "slay in
the spirit," and is constantly seen on the religious channels. The
adjective "smarmy" comes to mind.
In accordance with his penchant for celebrities, he has recently "cured"
boxer Hollander of heart disease and has actor Ben Vereen tap-dancing again.
Sure. Both are now regular drop-ins to his carnival of faith, and eagerly
testify to the wondrous powers of the man.
Two weeks ago he introduced a tall, emaciated figure who was just barely
recognizable as the cowboy actor Clint Walker. The star of many Westerns,
Walker shuffled onstage, a drawn and pitiful shadow of his former self, to
croak out a tale of pituitary cancer that had caused total blindness in one
eye and partial blindness in the other. The audience was hushed, and the
reaction was very strong at seeing this once-vibrant man reduced to an
essentially helpless creature.
Hinn told Walker, "Your miracle is on the way!" and proceeded to knock
him over, twice, to the cheers and tears of the audience.
No one wishes more than I, that Clint Walker would recover from his
illness. But Hinn will ignore the event if or when he dies of the ailment
for which he has ostensibly been cured by Hinn. It will be a non-event, and
no one will question Hinn on it.
Immediately following Walker's swoon, a woman was brought to tears upon
being told that her teenager, who she said was involved in "heavy
witchcraft, ouija boards and such," was now relieved of that burden. At
that point, I switched off. I can take just so much.
I'm one of those "elitists" that Newt so despises, I guess.
James Randi.


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