Riley the Clowm at it again!

James Randi --- Wizard ((no email))
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 16:45:00 -0500

To amuse me upon my return from Washington, I found an hilarious e-mail
letter from that strange entity who calls himself "Riley." The poor chap
tried hard to imitate the language of a proper letter that Uri Geller's
lawyer (remember Uri Geller?) sent to my publisher. He referred to his
creation as a "Copy of Form letter" (?) and not only referred to this as as
his "Noticce [sic]" about my "Encyclopedia of Lies, Fraud [sic], and Hoxes
[sic], but wrote that he had

been informed that Mr. Randi intends to feature me
(Riley G) in this tomb [sic].

"Riley" tried hard to copy the wording of the lawyer's letter, warning that

any derogatory statements regard [sic] me . . . will
be taken very seriously.

He also warned,

A copy of this letter has been sent to me [sic] attorney.

Well, "Riley" need not get he (!) psychic tail in a knot. It never occurred
to me for a moment to include him in "An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and
Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural," which will be available in May. I
also omitted entries on lint, dandruff and dental floss. He's quite safe.

Just thought I'd share this chuckle with you.
James Randi.


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