European Tour Schedule

James Randi --- Wizard (
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 22:14:00 -0500

Since I mentioned that I'd be in Europe in May, I've had several requests
for a schedule posting. If you don't care at all where I'll be, move on to
the next message at this point, and my apologies for using up your screen....

May 1-3 Munich, Germany (tentative)
May 4-7 Darmstadt, Germany
May 8 Trieste, Italy
May 9 Padua, Italy
May 10 Genoa, Italy
May 11 Florence, Italy
May 12 Turin, Italy
May 13 Padua (again)
May 14-15 Zuerich, Switzerland
May 16 Basel, Switzerland
May 17 Pavia (tentative)
May 18 Florence (again)
May 19 Bologna, Italy
May 20 Bolzano, Italy
May 21 Turin (again)

Several dates may follow this, but that's the present schedule to this point
in time. Most of the above dates are for universities, medical schools or
public lectures. I'm also interested in doing magic clubs while I'm in
these areas.


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