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James Randi --- Wizard (
Fri, 17 Mar 1995 20:04:00 -0500

Before I get off on a two-week trip around California,
Connecticut, New Jersey, and Iowa, I'll drop these goodies in
your lap.

In the Telegraph Magazine (UK) there appeared an hilarious
article telling readers that "self-styled paranormalist" Uri
Geller has "enjoyed a peculiar rapport with cutlery." It
went on to say that Geller "spent seven months attaching
5,000 bent spoons and forks to his 1976 Cadillac." Now, not
only is it, in my opinion, a shame to treat a vintage Caddy
that way, but we're told in the article that "next month"
(that's this month, folks) Geller "plans to drive through
Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran on a `quest for
peace' and to raise money for Arab and Israeli children
orphaned by war." The cutlery, says the magazine, used to
belong to "such illustrious men of peace" as Rasputin,
Emperor Hirohito, Yasser Arafat and King Farouk, as well as
to such luminaries as Albert Einstein, Picasso, Harry
Houdini, Elvis Presley and Chopin. Sure. But, as I've said
before, the "quest for peace" just might work; I can imagine
that armed folks seeing such a riotous one-car parade coming
down the street, would drop their guns, let alone being able
to take aim. That Uri, he sure do have a sense of the

The O.J. Simpson trial, another matter that has us bored
silly, nonetheless came up with a great piece of crackpot
science. One of the witnesses who spoke "marine-to-marine"
with F. Lee Bailey now says that his recollection of a racial
slur made to him by a prosecution witness was obtained by a
"recovered memory" technique, the crap that has been sending
innocent persons to prison for the last few years. One happy
result of this trial might be that this sort of quackery will
be recognized for what it is.

And, get ready for a big (but hollow) victory blast from the
dowsing community at the end of this month. A "ten-year
project," called "the most ambitious experiment with water
dowsing ever carried out," has given a result that has the
chief experimenter saying "we have established that dowsing
works". When some of us who rather doubt the conclusion have
had a chance to look at the results, you'll see a report
right here. I remember that 23 years ago, when it was
reported that an Israeli was able to perform successful ESP
tests under "scientific conditions," the parapsychologists
were jumping about with glee. Now, since we know what really
happened there, they don't want to discuss it. Maybe, just
maybe, the believers will wait this time before getting out
the pogo sticks.

Stop reading here if you don't care about my upcoming
European schedule. I publish it here because I've had
requests to do so......


May 1 Leave for Berlin, Germany, arrive 2nd
May 3 Lecture, Berlin, German Humanist Assoc.
May 4-7 Darmstadt, Germany GWUP Conference
May 8 Trieste, Italy, for CICAP, also Cormons
May 9 Padua, Italy -- CICAP
May 10 Genoa, Italy -- magic club
May 11 Florence, Italy -- CICAP
May 12 Turin, Italy -- CICAP
May 13 Padua, Italy -- magic club
May 14 Travel to Zuerich, Switzerland
May 15 Zuerich, Switzerland, lecture
May 16 Basel, Switzerland, lecture
May 17 Pavia University lecture
May 18 Florence, Italy -- magic club
May 19 Bologna, Italy -- magic club
May 20 Bolzano, Italy -- magic club
May 21 Turin, Italy -- magic club
May 22 Travel to Geneva, Switzerland, lecture that
May 23 Travel to Frankfurt, Germany
May 24 Leave for U.S.A.

(Or, magicians' convention in Salzburg, Germany, May 25-28,
and magic club in Nuremburg, Germany, the 31st. I'll know
about that part in a few days.)
James Randi


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