1st a doctor, now a columnist!

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 19:33:13 -0400

Hello all. I had 181 messages awaiting me when I arrived home from Europe,
and I've only started to get to them. If you've been unanswered, please
forgive me. Anon, I promise.

There is another nut claiming that I owe him $10,000 because he has divine
powers. Can anyone aquaint me with the wonders he says should take the
prize? I'm getting very weary of these claims, from people I never heard of
or from, much less tested.

As of the October issue, I'll be a regular columnist for Scientific
American. It will be called, "The Skeptical American." With this
announcement, I expect that the usual pile of crap will begin pouring in to
the administration, written with a pink crayon on a shopping bag, ranting
that I'm (a) a child molester, (b) a communist, (c) a mad bomber, (d) a drug
smuggler/dealer, or even (shudder!) a Republican -- or all of the above.
It's the usual poison-pen technique, and it's expected whenever something
really nice happens to me. Sigh.

Scientific American will run a profile on me in the next issue. Rather
strong, but it's done now, and I'm awaiting the fallout.

I understand that there's been a storm of protest from CSICOP about the
piece in the NCAS (National Capitol Area Skeptics, Washington, D.C.) that
mentioned the differences I have with CSICOP. I'll get around to commenting
on all that, but be assured that I love CSICOP dearly, in spite of our
differences. And I have excellent friends in there who I value highly.
Make no mistake about that.

My first column for S.A. will deal with Luigi (Gigi) Garlaschelli and his
battle with the blood-weeping Madonnas of Italy. How's that for the title
of a really "B" movie?

Glad to be back home. But I'm off to Europe again in September to hit up
the towns I missed -- there weren't many. Lausanne, Munich, northern
Holland, and France, this time.

I'll appreciate any suggestions, data, for columns.....

James Randi.


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