A nut in the vicinity....

James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 23:09:00 -0400

Briefly.... There has been a certain amount of glee in the enemy camp about
this entity calling himself Earl Curley who claims that he won a $100,000
prize from me but can't collect it. Here are the facts:

(1) I never met or spoke to the man.

(2) I was invited, years ago, to appear on a Canadian radio show with
someone who wanted to do the tired old "reading" stunt for me and prove his
powers. Since I was required to pay my own way to Canada just to hear some
more wearying crap from yet another pompous character, I opted not to go.

(3) The radio station got Ray Hyman, who was up there at the time, to go on
the show, and Ray reported that it was just a "cold reading" stunt, and not
too well done, at that.

(4) Now this Curley character is claiming that I owe him $100,000 (the
offer was $10,000, but Curley hasn't got too tight a grasp on reality) and
that Hyman said I should pay him. Hyman said just the opposite.

Please, folks, just treat the Curleys as eccentrics who have vivid
imaginations. I get this general claim about two or three times a year, and
I'm tired of trying to get these people to face the real world. I have
much, much more important things to do than to try to educate the uneducable.

The Amazing.


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