James Randi --- Wizard (randi-hotline@ssr.com)
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 21:34:00 -0400

When you read this, I'll be in the Far East doing some TV
work. I return on Sunday night, the 16th.

The new Scientific American column ("The Skeptical American")
will probably debut in the December issue, not in October as
originally announced. If you hadn't already heard, the author
is moi. We'll begin with the Weeping Madonnas of Italy. Dr.
Luigi Garlaschelli and his colleagues really developed great
data on Bleeding Bread, the Blood of St. Januarius, and the
Crying Statues. The statues cry blood, incidently, so this
isn't just your ordinary miracle!

Shortly thereafter I'll cover the Marvellous Quadro Locator,
the most recent version of the old forked-stick/coat-hanger
dowsing rod notion -- a crazy delusion that never seems to go
away. This device is being considered by the Seminole County
School Board in Florida as a means of finding marijuana and
guns in school lockers and in cars in the school parking lot.
Sure. It will only cost the school board $47,750 to buy
enough of them to rid the schools of these scourges. Now if
they could only get rid of the scam artists who sell them
these things....

A correspondent in Japan informs me that he's zeroing in on
the specific tricks that the leader of the Aum religious group
(they gassed the subway, remember?) used to dazzle the suckers
into joining up. One gag was a photo of him "levitating" the
same way the TMers do it: that is, by jumping up and down on
a mattress. Levitation just isn't what it used to be when I
was a kid.

Off to the Far East.
James Randi.


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