Dean Gunnarson

James Randi --- Wizard (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 22:40:00 -0400

Hi everyone. A strange and presumptuous request....

My very good friend, Dean Gunnarson, is a young Canadian escape-artist to
whom I gave all my equipment when I got out of that business a few years
ago. He and his brother, Todd, are really fine chaps, clean-living, hard-
working and talented. Well, their truck overturned while they were
returning from a show, and Todd suffered a serious concussion. He can't
walk straight yet, and has lost hearing in one ear. Dean's right hand was
crushed, and he lost the two middle fingers. This is a real catastrophe,
and though I know the guys will bounce back, right now they need all the
emotional support and cheering they can get.

Those of you who can, please drop a card to Dean and Todd. I know that such
a move will mean a lot to them, and it will be a big personal favor to me.
No two guys have more importance to me than these artists, and you could
help by just a kind word of encouragement. Many thanks.

Dean Gunnarson
708 West 63rd Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 2G9

(And please remember that one half-ounce to Canada from the USA now costs 46
cents, 52 cents for a full ounce.)

Please distribute this on any "magic" nets or related venues.

James Randi.


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