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Wed, 25 Oct 1995 12:11:34 -0400

As most of you will know, for many years now I've offered a prize of
US$10,000 to any person who can provide a demonstration of a
paranormal, occult or supernatural event under proper observing
conditions. (The complete text is available at as file
name 'challenge.gz' and probably also at the other sites listed

My good friend Ron Leonard, a prominent magician and painter in
Toronto, Canada, has suggested something that I thought I should offer
for comments. Ron suggests that I ask interested parties to agree to
put up a $1000 "pledge" towards a larger prize that could go as high
as $100,000 or so, to make the challenge much more interesting and
provocative. No money would be accepted or requested, just a promise
that should I discover the psychic breakthrough that the
parapsychologists have been promising us for so long now, the pledgers
would agree to each send in the $1000.

Now, I can imagine the potential winners grumping that they'd have to
go after each and every pledge dollar, whining that this is just
another ploy to force them into proving their claims (right on,
buddy!) and generally complaining that they're being further harrassed
by those who have chosen to believe in a ratiuonal, real world. But
then they've always done that, so not much would be new. Except, of
course, that the public might just wonder why such a prize is being

Let me have your feedback on this, will you?

Meanwhile, it appears that I may be able to present my summary of

The Many and Varied Failed Promises of Uri Geller

(which so many of you clamored to read) in the form of a
multiple-choice quiz on line. For example:

Item: Uri Geller claims that his MPPs (Marvellous Pyschic Powers) are due to:

(1) A huge flying saucer known as "Intelligence in the Sky" (IS for
short) that originates from the distant planet Hoova.

(2) Pure thoughts assisted by proper diet and constant exercise on
stationery bicycles strewn about his home.

(3) His close personal association with various gnomes and elves he's
met around the English countryside.

(4) Direct anointing by The Deity as a means of bringing progress,
comfort and new insight to mankind through miraculous spoon-bending.

(5) Simple sleight-of-hand cleverly done.

(6) Mass hypnotism brought about by boredom.

(7) He doesn't know.

Choose one or more. Winners will be notified by telepathy and prizes
will be sent by psychokinetic express. You are allowed to predict
whether you will win, but the prophecy must be made in advance. We
are careful about rules!

James Randi.


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