Next batch of pledges.....

James Randi --- Wizard (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 09:46:24 -0400

Folks, the reaction to the "2000 Club" suggestion has been excellent.
To date, 24 hours after sending out the first inquiry, I now have
$18,000 in pledges to add to my $10,000 offer. Lemme see now, that
makes (pause) $28,000!

And, I'm not accepting pledges less than $1,000. Let's keep life
simple. Besides, anyone with any common sense knows that the money
was never safer. Hold on! The nutters had a rush of adrenalin as
they read that, preparing to announce that I never had any intention
of ever paying out the prize money. I get that all the time, and
regularly I hear that some idiot has claimed he/she won the prize, but
I wouldn't pay up. Bovine droppings. I am prepared to pay if and

I'll be away in North Dakota until Wednesday. Surprise me with a load
of pledges!

Here are the pledgers so far:

Penn Jillette
Andrew Skolnick
John Atkinson
Harald Illig
George J. Pappas
Michael Shermer, via The Skeptics Society
Rob Glanville
Derek Lowe
Alan B. Eliasen
Scott Ballantyne
Lazz Waldo
Are Samsonsen
Bob Steiner
Ray Blessin
Brent Yaciw
Charles Staniforth
Joe Williams

These are from the U.S.A., Canada, Norway, UK and Sweden. Folks all over are
joining the "2000 Club."
James Randi.


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