James Randi --- Wizard (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 21:20:23 -0400

We now have a total of $72,000 in pledges, and more are coming
in as I write this! An additional $94,000 is pledged, but I
have to do some checking before I can list those folks. It's
occured to me that we might have a major TV special in this
2000 Club, and that is being looked into right now.

Comments: If you've pledged but didn't supply a mailing
address, please do so. Just tell me you've already pledged,
but didn't provide an address. If and when a TV special comes
about, all you pledgers will be informed that you have an
active interest in the show!

Michael Shermer of SKEPTIC magazine upped his pledge to
$10,000 (duly noted) and Rob Pike of Bell Labs offered $5,000.
A couple of folks wanted to pledge for the next 5 years, but
I have to stick with "all the way" folks on this. Have no
fear that I'll lose your money for you, unless there is a real
psychic force out there that can take it. One chap was afraid
I wouldn't always be "infallible" (his term, not mine, more
often applied to the Pope) and that's a legitimate concern.
If and when I get too senile for all this challenge business,
I'll turn it over to someone younger. Trust me.

Here the current (9 p.m. on Thursday, October 26, 1995) list
of pledgers....

Atkinson, John
Bajorinus, Andrew P.
Ballantyne, Scott
Bjorke, Kevin
Blessin, Ray
Bostic, Keith
Burch, Eric
Cheswick, Bill
Cook, Tad
Denman, Chip & Grace
Dubey, Pradip
Eliasen, Alan B.
Foster, Daniel A.
Frier, David
Furr, Joel K.
Glanville, Rob
Hansen, Erik
Hatch, Libbie
Heldal-Lund, Andreas
Illig, Harald
Jillette, Penn
Levine, Jonathan
Lowe, Derek
Mantakos, Harry
Meyer, Dr. George J.
Meyer, Virginia R.
Mishra, Aditya
Mittleman, Daniel David
Pappas, George J.
Pike, Rob (5K)
Raade, Karl
Ragaisis, Chris & Maggie
Robelen, Jeff
Rowland, Ian
Rutherford, Dave
Samsonsen, Are Thunes
Shermer, Michael (10K)
Skolnick, Andrew
Spitzer, Daryl
Staniforth, Charles
Steiner, Bob
Stenger, Victor
Stephens, Page
Van Leperen, Taco
Waldo, Lazz
Williams, Joe
Woodhead, Robert J.
Yaciw, Brent

James Randi.


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