Today's pledgers - we break $100,000!

James Randi --- Wizard (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 17:48:17 -0400

The 2000 Club report.

This will be my last until I return Tuesday. The current list of
pledges brings us to a total of $113,500! Penn Jillette, ever the
showman, has declared that he will match the largest pledger, present
or future. That was, until this moment, $10,000 from Michael Shermer
of SKEPTIC Magazine in California. Now Penn is a $10,000 pledger,

The latest list of pledgers is:

Allacher, Harry
Andrews, Mike
Cambias, James L. & Kelly, Diane A.
Chappell, James A.
Clement, Ross
Dengrove, Richard A.
Diana, John G. (2.5K)
Doughney, Mike
Duff, Tom
Eakins, Michael
Ehrmantraut, Brian A.
Garren, Lamar
Johnson, Darin
Kunchithapadam, Krishna
Lucey, Peter
Markovsky, Barry
Martin, B. Diane & Shaw, David G.
McRae, Tom
Minsky, Marvin
Nienhuys, Jan Willem
O'Brien, Bob
Pokrifka, Joe & Mason
Posner, Dr. Gary
Randolph, John C.
Shaw, Steve
Sheaffer, Robert
Steede, Dean
Steinbach, Chris
Thompson, James
Thornquist, Eric
Vandermey, Nancy

(Apologies to Pradeep and Libby for mispelling their names

These pledges come from the U.S.A., Germany, the U.K., Canada, and
other countries. There are several unlisted pledges still to be
validated, and they will be announced as soon as that has happened.
We will probably get close to $200,000 by the end of November, I
figure. Maybe more?

Thanks for your enthusiastic support of this project, folks. To those
of you who have suggested that the claimants put up some sort of
money, I say that the present system gives them NO REASON AT ALL to
refuse to produce their miracles. This has to get some media
attention soon; the fact that so many persons have pledged to pay such
a sum just to see ONE of the hundreds of psychic wonders that we hear
so much about, has to be an attractive item to the press.....

I'm off to North Dakota. Shows how adventuresome I am!

James Randi.


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